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Mike Seal

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I was raised in the outfitting business, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the wilderness and the allure of the great outdoors. As a designated agent for High Country Outfitters, my journey began with summer pack trips into the pristine Sawtooth Wilderness area, where the breathtaking landscapes served as the backdrop for unforgettable adventures backed by a lot of hard work. In the fall, the focus turned to hunting trips into the game-worthy Idaho Fish & Game hunting Units 39 & 43.

In 1986, I embarked on a new chapter by taking on the role of ranch manager of the iconic Busterback Ranch in the Sawtooth Valley. This yearling operation not only allowed me to foster the growth of livestock but also gave me oversight of the equine operations. It was a role that taught me valuable lessons in ranch management.

In 1992, my horizons expanded further as I assumed the ranch manager position at the Antelope Valley Ranch in Cherry Creek, Idaho, and wintering in nearby Leslie, Idaho. This sprawling cow-calf operation had a substantial hay base and offered year-round challenges and responsibilities.

The winds of change blew in 2004 when the Antelope Valley Ranch changed ownership which led me to relocate to Salmon, Idaho. Here, I purchased a small horse property and began my journey of colt starting and horse training. In 2007, I expanded my skill set by getting my Idaho Real Estate license, allowing me to use my ranching knowledge to help others acquire their dream farm or ranch property.

For the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of serving as Ranch Manager for the 6X Ranch in Mackay, Idaho. With its cow-calf operation and substantial hay base, I continued to broaden my expertise in ranching.

From grazing and haying to calving, irrigating with water rights, livestock health management and marketing, plus equipment operations, I have acquired a skill set and comprehensive knowledge of every facet of ranch management. With all that wealth of experience under my belt buckle, I have returned to Salmon and reactivated my real estate license. I am thrilled to be an associate with Knipe Land Company. I am well prepared to put my extensive ranching knowledge to work for you in your real estate investment endeavors. Whether you are seeking a picturesque piece of land or a thriving ranch, I am dedicated to helping you find the perfect property to match your vision.

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