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Bull Canyon Ranch

Located up Bull Canyon Road off of Road 902, in Power County, Idaho, which is in the heart of the Snake River Plain. Power County was aptly named in that it holds the crossroads for the western transmission corridor, the north-south gas, oil and natural gas pipeline and the Union Pacific Railroads’ mainline to the west coast. The county has been designated as one of the three best areas in the state for wind power generation. Whether you are coming east from Malad City or south from Snowville, you have great county roads until you reach Bull Canyon Road, which is a well maintained BLM road. Both Malad City, Idaho along Interstate 15 and Snowville, Utah along Interstate 84 are an hours drive.


The 1,486± consists of multiple contiguous parcels, with an exception being the section between the north and south areas (refer to the map), which is owned by the state. Furthermore, the property is bordered on three sides by BLM and Idaho State land, which is not uncommon considering that 33% of the county is government-owned. The existing roads within the property are well maintained. However, due to it’s remote location and weather conditions, access to the land is restricted during the winter months. It is distinctly off-grid and offers a secluded peaceful environment in gorgeous setting.


This scenic and diverse southern Idaho landscape promises to delight those seeking natural habitats and expansive surroundings. An old cabin, now mostly a remnant, and a old set of corrals add character to the property. As do the drums once used for water storage are now obsolete.  A charming camp site has been established among the trees at the northern end of the meadows.  In addition to the well-maintained roads that traverse the property, there are numerous trails suitable for ATV’s and motorcycle riding enthusiasts.  Amidst the meandering meadows along the road, a fresh, drinkable water spring can be found. It feeds into a pond and  flows through the entire length  of the property’s meadow that stretches the length of the large north section.


This landscape offer excellent opportunities for recreation, including camping, hiking, riding and hunting.  The land is within the Idaho Fish & Game Unit  73. Reportedly good-sized mule deer have been harvested from the property. Additionally, there have been sightings of the less common whitetail deer and mountain lions.  The diverse wildlife are drawn to the evergreen trees, aspen groves, lush meadows and natural sagebrush.  Timbered draws and rock outcroppings provide ideal spots for shelter and observation. Near Deep Creek Peak, and being part of the Deep Creek Mountains, the area is a mecca for mountain climbers and nature enthusiasts.

A true representation of the diverse lands that are found in the area, Bull Canyon Ranch represents itself well. It’s not a matter of what you can do the land, but more a matter of what can’t you do!

Janey Knipe
, Associate Broker

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Property Highlights:

  • Hunting

  • Recreation

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