Western Land Symposium

The 5th Annual Western Land Symposium, held November 19, 2018, was a huge success!

November 9,2018Farm, ranch and real estate agents, brokers, and farm and ranch owners from across the Western States converged in Meridian, Idaho, to learn about topics relevant to land ownership. This was a “sold out” event, which was hosted by the World Organization Land Federation and sponsored by Knipe Land Northwest, LLC, Pioneer 1031 Co., The Range Writer Magazine.

The Western Land Symposium is a great opportunity for land owners, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents and brokers to learn more about the specialty of land, land brokerage and the issues that accompany land.  This year’s topics of discussion and education included: 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges; Water right issues; real estate market update on farms, ranches, and land; market update on commodities and cattle; drone photography; mineral rights; marketing farms, ranches, and other types of real estate; and private property rights.

There were many major issues of discussion and concern.  The biggest included protecting private property rights. Another is what land owner’s, agents and brokers can do to protect rights associated with real estate ownership.  Attendees exchanged views on looking to the future to create a lasting legacy for family farmers and ranchers. Overall, issues that affect land ownership, buying, and selling real estate throughout the West.

Speakers came from all different aspects of the farm, ranch, real estate, and land markets. Some of the speakers included: Pioneer 1031 Co., SPF Water Engineering, Harvest Capital, Stand & Fight Club, Northwest Farm Credit Services, Rapid Aerial, Varin Wardwell Attorneys, and Idaho Cattle Association.  Past speakers have included the Governor of Idaho, Lieutenant Governor of Idaho, and many others representing real estate, business, agriculture, farming, ranching, rights in land, real estate ownership, oil, gas, mineral, water, timber, wind, and the transfer of agriculture real estate.

The next Western Land Symposium will be held in November 2019.  We hope to see you there! It is open to farmers, ranchers, property owners, future property owners, real estate agents, real estate brokers and anyone who wants to know more about issues that affect farming, ranching, timberland, and other agricultural-commercial real estate in the West.

Space is limited, and tickets sell out fast, so make plans now to attend the 2019 Event in Idaho. To register, or for information call 208-345-3163, or email info@knipeland.com Early registration is $99.

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Knipe Land Company and the Range Writer Magazine are also co-sponsoring a National Marketing Session provided by World Organization Land Federation.

  • When: Jan. 31 – Feb 2, 2019 – During the National Cattle and Beef Association’s –  Annual Meetings
  • Where: New Orleans, LA  – Hotel to be announced.
  • Brokers and Agents:  Present what you have and trade for what your client wants.  Farms, ranches, other “1031 eligible” cash real estate may be presented.  Also, present cash or 1031 cash buyer’s needs you represent.  Present and match real estate with cash buyer’s needs or cash buyer’s needs with ranch, farm or other real estate presented and see if you can make a deal.  Email john@knipeland.com for a brochure and sign up form.
  • Early Registration: Early registration is only $149!  or $449 at the door.  Click Here for more information and to register

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