The Real Estate Market in the Northwest

John Knipe recently presented this video at the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association Annual Convention. The event was held January 31 through February 3, in Phoenix, Arizona, at the Phoenix Convention Center Downtown.

The following is brief synopsis:

The value of all land and buildings on farms across the United States increased in 2017.

Values across the United States, averaged $3,080 per acre, up 2.3 percent from 2016. Farm land and buildings increased the most across the Pacific States, increasing in value by nearly 9 percent on average. States in the Northern Plains saw a decrease in farm land and farm buildings of nearly 2 percent.

Cropland values across the United States were about $4,090 per acre, which was the same value the year before. The Southern Plain states saw a 6 percent increase in cropland values. Lowest price cropland farms were in the Northern Plains, indicated in a recent USDA press release.

Pasture land value increased 1.5 percent over 2016 values, across the United States. The strongest increase in values for pasture land, about 3 percent, were in the Delta States. Corn Belt states saw the biggest decrease in pasture land values, which were down about 1.7 percent according to a recent USDA release. It shows the lowest farm real estate values were in the Mountain States.


Idaho – Increased 4.0 percent
Oregon – Increased 5.0 percent
Washington – Increased 5.3 percent
Montana – Increased 2.0 percent
California – Increased 10.1 percent
Nevada – Stayed the same
Wyoming – Stayed the same

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